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HX Meet

Find the right people and products—on your schedule.

HX Meet helps quickly identify the right brands and the right products to help achieve all of your project needs. This easy-to-use matchmaking app offers a platform for attendees and exhibitors to connect and schedule onsite meetings before the trade fair even opens.

If your time at HX is limited or highly scheduled, then HX Meet will be the key to a successful experience.


STEP 1: Click the link in your invitation email, which was sent to the address used to register for the trade fair. If you missed this email, scroll down to the FAQs!

STEP 2: Navigate to the [Me] page and click on [My Profile] to confirm your information is correct.

STEP 3: Go to [My Schedule] to confirm your availability for meetings (and also block off unavailable times!)

STEP 4: Go to the [For you] tab under the [Meet] page, and select [Update Interests] to get personalized recommendations for product supplier contacts.

STEP 5: Start sending meeting invitations to your bookmarked prospects. They will get alerts and respond back to your requests via direct message. You will receive email notifications when you receive a response!

Questions? Review this comprehensive How-To Guide, or scroll down to the FAQs!


Using HX Meet allows you to plan your days in advance


HX Meet makes scheduling meetings easy; making your time at the show enjoyable and productive

HX Meet supercharges your networking by filtering out the right people and products for your project goals


Where will my meetings be held?

All meetings are automatically set to be held in the exhibiting company’s booth.

Can HX attendees and exhibitors meet in the BDNY Matchmaking Lounge (Booth #1479) instead?

Absolutely—and we encourage it! However, you will need to message the exhibiting company through the HX Meet platform and make arrangements to meet in the lounge instead of in their company booth. The BDNY Matchmaking Lounge is located on the BDNY Show Floor at Booth #1479.

I can't find/don't know my password

All attendees and exhibitors were emailed a login and password to the platform. Please be sure to check your spam folder! 

Where should I go if I need assistance with the platform or meeting schedule onsite?

Visit the BDNY Matchmaking Lounge (Booth #1479) to speak with one of our HX/BDNY Meet experts. They will be glad to help you with any issues or answer questions!


If you have any issues logging into the platform or need general support, please review our technical FAQ’s!