HX: The Hotel Experience Wraps: Exhibitors React | The Hotel Experience

NEW YORK, N.Y. – HX: The Hotel Experience wrapped up last month at the Javits Center in Manhattan. Co-located with Boutique Design New York (BDNY), HX provided a healthy platform for manufacturers and service providers to share their wisdom and build relationships. Check out some exhibitor reactions below and give them a call if you might need their products and services.

“Day one of HX has been wonderful with a lot of foot traffic. We’ve had very serious conversations and we’re continuing relationships with old friends. A new customer from Saudi Arabia stopped by, and we want to get into that market. We’ve had foot traffic from all over the globe here at the New York show, and that’s important to us as we expand into those markets. People are back 100% to in-person shows and it feels great. We are seizing the opportunity to meet new people and deepen relationships with current customers.” — Linda Bill, president, CleanBrands, Warwick, R.I.

“I’ve had a huge amount of interest from HX attendees. Everyone is oohing and ahhing and talking about the possibilities. Attendees are serious and some hotels are thinking of buying tapestries in the hundreds. HX is proving to be a good show.” — Helli Luck (pictured right), Tropical Tapestry, Pawleys Island, S.C.

“The show has been great and there’s been a lot of foot traffic with interested attendees. We’re branching out into hospitality and overall we’ve had lots of serious interest.” — Jim Coia, Vendors Exchange International, Cleveland

“HX has been amazing. We get to meet people looking for family-oriented experiences. Being on a bicycle is one way to do that. Everyone we’ve met has been a serious customer. The hospitality makes sense for us and for hoteliers because our bikes are low maintenance.” — Rebecca Carmona, Priority Bicycles, New York

“The show has been solid with good foot traffic. We’ve had a mix of tire kickers and serious inquiries, but there is potential with some of the people we’ve seen. Last year was busier. Distributors are optimistic about the hotel industry, but there is also uncertainty about the future. For our part, we’ve been very busy this year.” — Megha Choudhry, Welspun

“Attendees here are legitimate. They are open to discussions and we have demonstrations scheduled.” — Jeff Herrin, Anything Group

“The show has been good with steady foot traffic. We almost always get a couple of good leads that do lead to real business.” — Josh Thayer, UltraSite, Chattanooga, Tenn.

“HX is a good show and we’ve had very good customers come along who are part of ownership groups. It’s a mix of serious and not-so-serious attendees with a few very big players.” — Jeffrey Arthur, dormakaba, Indianapolis

“HX has been great and super busy.” — Mary Jane Orman, Buzz, Melbourne, Australia

“HX has been surprisingly great—definitely more foot traffic than we expected. The morning of day one was particularly awesome. With trade shows, sometimes you get quantity and not quality, but the thing I noticed about HX attendees was a high level of engagement. The quality of people we spoke with was high.” — Jessica Heatly, Plastilam, Salem, Mass.

“HX has been a really good show for us with lots of interesting people coming by who are quite interested in our products. We’ve been able to link with decision makers and get some good leads. We came all the way from Dublin and the attendees are able to quickly grasp the concept of the product.” — Chloe Laird (pictured in green), Snapfix, Dublin, Ireland and Miami, Florida